A physical therapist/attorney is the dual professional title that Julia Long brings to the table. She is a rare breed in Lousiana where she holds down two roles – both as a maritime lawyer in a private practice, as well as a consultant to WCSN where she comments on matters of health and law. In her advocacy work with injured maritime workers, both professions often come into play, since on the job injuries on vessels and rigs often lead to hospital stays and weeks or months in rehab for the victims she represents.


A deadly combination is a lack of physical activity coupled with poor diet. In fact, these two elements together is the number one contributing factor for Type 2 diabetes, not to mention heart disease, stroke, arthritis, liver disease, respiratory problems, cancer, and much more.

And as we age, we become more vulnerable to some issues, less to others, but the entire industry growing up around anti-aging hormone treatments might be better served if diet were a bigger part of these hormone replacement protocols. Our goal is to avoid these age management protocols that use hormone injections, unless a dietary solution will not be effective, or is not possible. When you need to lose weight, first look at changing lifestyle – diet, exercise, before you attempt more intrusive treatments.

Over 40 million Americans have pre-diabetes, and aren’t even aware of it. These unluckly persons will develop Type 2 diabetes within a decade if they don’t treat their bodies right.

If you know you need to lose weight for health reasons, here are ten tips based on the concept of 10% that’ll start your diet and weight loss regime on the right foot:

1. Start small and manageable by losing 10 percent of your body weight.
2. Up your exercise quotient by 10 percent. Walking your dog, or mowing your lawn, or a 15-minute walk up and down stairs will do it.
3. Laugh for 10 minutes. Seriously. You burn more calories laugh…
4. Eat 10 percent more vegetables and fruits.
5. Cut sodium intake by 10 percent. Consider making your own sauces, or choosing low-sodium varieties of food to get the salt out. Taking canned veggies out of the equation, and opting for fresh or frozen is another way to salt down.
6. Lower your blood pressure 10 points. How? We’ve already covered it – by cutting back salt and tossing in extra exercise, you’ll naturally lower your blood pressure and lose weight.
7. Focus on the right fats and get 10 percent of your calories from omega-6s. Replace saturated fats like butter with sunflower, safflower or corn oil.
8. Can the cola. You can cut your calories by 10 percent just by cutting back on at least one 20oz glass.
9. Get 10 percent more shuteye. If you usually get 7 hours of sleep a night, go to bed 40 minutes earlier.
10. Related to 9 above, take a 10-minute nap during the day, especially if you find that you don’t get enough sleep at night.

Fighting a weight loss battle can regularly range all the way from following a sensible diet & exercising to down right wreckless behaviors. Some of these tactics can not be sustained for very long giving them a slight if any chance to harm you at all but some of these behaviors should be considered a very serious health risk. Please look into any weight loss program you are considering & make practical decisions regarding your health.