Life coaching, with its aim in helping clients determine and achieve personal goals, can play an an important role in adult human development. Though not credited as neither therapists nor consultants, life coaches use a variety of methods that can help clients set up and achieve their goals.

At the origins of life coaching is executive coaching, which in and of itself cribbed from techniques developed in leadership training and management consulting. Modern life coaching can be traced to the late seventies and early eighties all the way back to the teachings of Benjamin Karter, a former college football coach turned motivational speaker. Additionally, life coaching draws from various sources for inspiration, such as sociology, psychology, career counseling, mentoring and other types of counseling. In helping their clients, coaches may apply mentoring, behavior modification, goal-setting, values assessment, and other techniques.

Not to be confused with therapy – which delves as much in the past as it does in the future – life coaching has its eye firmly planted on the road ahead by focusing on effecting change in a client’s future and / or current behavior.

One note worth mentioning is that government bodies are not regulating life coaching in any way, nor does any state body oversee the training standard or eduction for the life coaching industry. There are a number of life coaching schools and training programs out there, where an person can gain “certification” or a “credential” in the field. There are a variety of certificates and credential designations that are made available within this specific industry.

The top three issues that clients are looking to address include time management, career and business, according to a recent survey of clients. Most would bill their life coaches as “sounding boards” and “motivators”, and as people that “really listen to them and give honest feedback”.

There are many potential benefits that will come if you work with the right Life coach. They will assist you to set realistic goals in concrete, from the very beginning of your relationship. They will also assist in accomplishing those goals along with milestones so you can track your progress. Life Coaches will analyze your goals then assign you small tasks that help accomplish the eventual goal in as short a time frame as possible. Another thing that a good life coach will accomplish is getting you to make more informed & thought out choices. They make a great sounding board & their observations will give you all the perspective you need to make a decision which will have the best outcome for your life. They will help you explore & evaluate all of the possible options you have, many of which you may have never thought possible. An experienced & professional Life Coach will offer you sound advice which you can use to make drastic improvement in your life.