Most people take water for granted but you should stop for a moment & consider just how important it is. Most people could survive for weeks with no food but when you take away the water it is a totally different story. At most the same person could maybe go for 5 – 7 days with no water. It is a vital part of every persons diet & should be recognized as such. A 1% reduction in your bodies hydration level your body sends a signal that you are thirsty. Many people misinterpret that signal for hunger. A 5% loss in hydration will cause a severe decline in both muscle strength as well as endurance. At 10% below normal levels of hydration you can expect blurred vision & delirium. At a 20% dehydration level death is certain.

The single most important nutrient for the human body is water. In the case of a man the body is 60% & 50% for a woman. Those figures are not exact bet they are reasonably close. Some of the vital organs contains a lot of water. Here are a few: the human brain is almost 75% water, Blood is 82%, Muscle 75% Heart is almost 80% & bone comes in at the bottom of with only 22 % water. Every single day 2 to 3 quarts of water leave our body mostly through sweat & urination. You must replenish the water we lose every day since most of our bodies functions rely on water so much.

Let’s discuss a few of the vital functions of water. First is the protective factor of water. Water lubricates your joints to keep them from becoming stiff. It also keeps your mouth wet & removes dirt, dust & other irritants from your eyes. Next it regulates your body temperature nicely. Water is like our own personal air conditioner. It regulates our internal temperature through the production of sweat. our internal temperature is set to 98.6 degrees & if you go into the sun you start to sweat especially if you are being active. This is the way your body cools itself down because when we sweat it evaporates on the skin & draws the heat away the body. Also when we exercise we lose a lot of water every hour. if you exercise in warm conditions you should rehydrate yourself at least every 15 minutes because it allows you to keep your muscle strong & body temp. at a manageable level. Water delivers Oxygen to muscles in order for the body to use them efficiently. Last it is important to balance electrolytes in our body. They are ions with a charge which must be kept within certain levels in order to ensure the proper amount of water in our cells. Electrolytes carry information to our brains in the form of impulses & they are very important in healthy muscle activity.